Form ID for Access Codes

Individual and Companies requesting access to EDGAR must complete a Form ID Application for Access Codes online at the EDGAR Filer Management Website. Paper Form ID are no longer accepted. Download Form ID Instructions.  

These six steps highlight the process you will need to follow in submitting the electronic Form ID application.

Form ID process
  • Supported Browsers for EDGAR. Google Chrome and Internet Explorer are the supported Browsers for EDGAR Filer Management Website. Your browser must support Javascript. Enable Javascript on your browser.
  • Avoid issues with Firewall; add EDGAR to Trusted Sites. If your network security settings are set too high, the EDGAR Filing Website may not load properly. To avoid this, add EDGAR website to your trusted list.
  • Ensure the standard URL is typed and avoid URL autofill. To access the Filer Management Website, type the standard version of the URL and avoid using autofill.
  • Clear browser history, cache and cookies. In Internet Explorer go to Tools, Delete Browsing History. In Google Chrome go to 3 stacked dots on upper right hand corner, Settings, Advanced, Check all buttons, Clear Browsing Data.

* Before submitting your Form ID, you must enter a passphrase. You will use this passphrase later, along with your new CIK, to generate your EDGAR access codes.  Note: Your passphrase must be 8 characters long and must contain at least one digit and one of the following characters: @, #, *, or $. It is important that you store this passphrase for later use. 

  • Once you have confirmed the Form ID information, attach your notarized PDF file, and enter your passphrase, select the “Submit” button.
  • After you have obtained your CIK via e-mail, this passphrase, along with your CIK, may be used to generate the rest of your EDGAR Access Codes (CCC, Password, PMAC) at the EDGAR Filer Management Website.
  • You may access the EDGAR Filer Management site from 6:00AM to 10:00PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday (except federal holidays). 
  • As an EDGAR Filer, you are obligated to keep your information current with the SEC EDGAR database so that SEC staff may contact you should they need to.
  • You can login and generate New or Replacement codes, Update Passphrase and more.

How we assist

We send you a form to complete, we will prepare the Form ID and send to you for notarization. SEC timeframe for processing Form ID is within 24-48 hours

Contact a Sales Representative for assistance with Form ID Application 904-363-0506.