Form ID for Access Codes

Individual and Companies requesting access to EDGAR must complete a Form ID Application for Access Codes. EDGAR Solutions can assist by preparing and expediting your Access Codes. Paper Form ID are no longer accepted.

EDGAR is available from Monday to Friday 6:00AM to 10:00PM EST,  (except federal holidays) to accept the Form ID application.

The Form ID processing time can take from 1 to 2 business days in which a CIK number will be issued to the Filer if approved. The Filer will receive the notice of accepted Form ID with CIK number via their email.

The Filer can send the CIK to EDGAR Solutions where we can generate the rest of the Access Codes.

What does the EDGAR Codes mean?

  • Central Index Key (CIK) — The CIK uniquely identifies each filer. EDGAR assigns the CIK at the time you make an initial application. You may not change this code. The CIK is a public number.
  • CIK Confirmation Code (CCC) — The CCC is used in the submission of your filings in conjunction with your CIK to ensure that you authorized the filing.
  • Password (PW) — The PW allows you or your filing agent to log into the EDGAR system and update your information.
  • Password Modification Authorization Code (PMAC) — The PMAC allows you to change your password.
  • Passphrase — used to enter EDGAR Filer Management Website to generate New/Replacement Access Codes, Update Passphrase.

How we assist?

To begin the process of obtaining Filing Codes, Contact us for Form ID Application 904-363-0506 or complete our Contact Form.