S-1 Registration Statement

Form S-1 is an initial Registration Statement filed by companies planning on going public to register their securities with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission under the Securities Act of 1933.

The S-1 filing contains the Issuer’s share offering price and quantities, business model and financial information, potential risks, use of proceeds from the public offering. 

The S-1 comprises of of Part I (the Prospectus) and Part II (the Supplemental Information). 

Companies who want to file an S-1 have to first fill out a Form ID electronic application that is used to apply for a CIK (Central Index Key) and to get access codes in order to file on EDGAR.

The S-1 form is prepared according to HTML and XBRL requirement and filed via the EDGAR System. 

The issuer will set up and pay a filing fee via SEC’s FEDWIRE System based on the number of shares and offering price of the securities being registered.

After  S-1 is filed, SEC staff reviews and comments to the Issuer. The Issuer will then file one or many S-1/A which are Amendment(s) to the Registration Statement following the comments made by the SEC. 

When the comments are addressed to the satisfaction of the SEC Staff, the Issuer can request and SEC will issue an order for the registration statement to go effective. After the S-1 goes effective the Issuer can proceed with the sale process.

Foreign companies may also file a Registration Statement with the SEC using Form F-1, Foreign Private Issuer Registration

Investors may use the prospectus to consider the merits of an offering and make educated investment decisions. A prospectus is one of the main documents used by an investor to research a company prior to an initial public offering (IPO)

Form S-1 (PDF)
SEC Filing Fee Branch

Contact a Sales Representative to file Form S-1 at 904-363-0506.