Mutual Fund Filings

Investment companies must file forms electronically, using the EDGAR system. Additionally, the SEC adopted final rule amendment 33-9006 requiring mutual funds companies to provide their risk/return summaries in Inline eXtensible Business Reporting Language (“iXBRL”) for certain forms. Our team can prepare and file any Investment Company forms ensuring SEC compliance.

Below is a list of forms we file but not limited to:

  • Registration form – N1-A
  • Definitive Materials – 497
  • Post Effective Amendments – 485BPOS
  • Annual notice of Securities  – 24F-2
  • Shareholder Report –  N-CSR
  • Semi-Annual Report – N-CEN
  • Sales literature – 40-24B2
  • Fidelity bond – 40-17G

Get more information on Investment Company Filing Requirements here.